Sports PT

At Move Physical Therapy, we were born from the fitness and performance industry. Whether our athletes are looking for a performance edge, are post-operative or anything between we consistently turn out stronger, tougher and more agile players. The common denominator in every sport is movement. It can separate the good from the great - and the injured from the resilient. An inability to efficiently move means a missed tackle, a slower pitch and a smaller deadlift. Let us assess your inefficiencies...the gains in your performance are waiting.











Track & Field


Squat, Press, Muscle-up, Sprint. Repeat. Repeat again. Tired? Good! Do it again…

At MOVE, we have barbells, kettlebells and calisthenics flowing through our blood too. We love fitness, strength and conditioning. However, there is one thing we love more - efficiency. Without movement efficiency, you need more energy to get work done and your parts will wear down faster leaving you with slower sprints and smaller 1RMs. Pinchy hips, shoulders and sore lower backs are a good sign you aren’t moving efficiently. Fix it before it shuts you down with an injury. Already injured? The sooner you get treatment, the less treatment you’ll need to get back at it. Our approach to system-wide efficiency will have you pressing heavier, snatching smoother and recovering faster.

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