The Expansion course builds on the Essentials skills of the Swing and Turkish Get-Up (TGU). 

The Expansion curriculum:

  • Minimal but effective warm-up strategies
  • Refine and load your Turkish Get-Up, building shoulder strength and stability, while improving trunk and hip mobility
  • Increase your strength and overall conditioning with the Heavy two-handed Swing
  • Become prepared to begin Kettlebell Complexes by learning One-handed Swings and Mid-Swing hand switches
  • Take your swing to the next level with the Double-Kettlebell swing

This course will be more physically challenging than the Essentials course and will set the stage for the skills taught in the Evolution course.

The course will be approximately 2-hours and will take place at MOVE Physical Therapy in Monroe, NY.  Registration is non-refundable and is subject to availability.

Next Expansion Course:


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