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Like Carbon Monoxide, movement dysfunction is the “silent killer” of athletic performance. Often going undetected until it is too late, inefficient movement patterns will sacrifice strength, power and speed while breaking down healthy tissue. Early on, these patterns can be recognized by a performance plateau or later on will be realized as pain and injury.
At MOVE Physical Therapy, we understand the long hours, practices, scrimmages and training it takes to be a successful team. We also understand how frustrating and devastating an injury to your star player can be to a season. As part of our commitment to the community, we offer services to ensure players stay healthy and injury free.
Team screening is an excellent option to identify athletes with problematic patterns. Correction of these patterns can yield greater gains in strength, speed, coordination and skill acquisition in addition to the profound decrease in injury potential. Coaches opting to participate in a team screen are taking an important step in ensuring the highest performance and durability of their athletes. Screens are a critical tool for early intervention and are extremely useful in tracking progress through a training season.
For injured athletes or those with complaints of pain, MOVE Physical Therapy offers the area’s only comprehensive, movement-based physical therapy evaluation and treatment. This means your player is off the bench faster and will perform better than they did prior to injury. With over a decade of physical performance coaching experience, your athlete is in good hands.

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