Tendinitis and Tendinosis

What is it?

Tendinitis and tendinosis are very common diagnoses in the orthopaedic world and affect everyone from elite athletes to their great grandmothers. Tendinitis is a breakdown in the structure of a tendon which becomes inflamed as the body attempts to heal it. Tendinosis refers to a continuous breakdown of a tendon without healing or inflammation. Both conditions come from repetitive stress and overload of the tendon.  Symptoms can be very debilitating, and if managed improperly these conditions can have lasting effects.

How do we treat it?

At MOVE, we take an intuitive approach to tendon management.  Rather than simply adding additional stress to the broken-down tendon in attempt to “strengthen” it, we address the elephant in the room - Why did this tendon get stressed, overloaded and broken down?  By looking at the body’s movement system as a whole, we can determine which components are not doing their job and placing more stress on the tendon.  Sometimes this is as simple as a nearby joint restriction, but can be as complex as a compensation for an old injury somewhere else in the body.

By finding the root cause of the problem we can un-load the tendon, which removes the damaging stress and leads to a faster recovery.  Further acceleration of the healing process may be obtained through use of our cold-laser or Radial Pulse Therapy.