Email Security

Things you should know about emailing anyone at MOVE:

Our email server is secure and HIPAA compliant, however yours probably isn’t.  If you have given us permission to release your protected information via email, we may do so using appropriate encryption of this information.  There will be included instructions on how you may decrypt the files.  While this may be cumbersome, it is for your protection.
By choosing to use e-mail to communicate with us, you understand and agree to the following: The use of e-mail poses risks to the confidentiality of your health information. The Internet is an open network and provides no inherent protection for confidential information. You accept these risks. Please be advised there will be times when we will not have access to e-mail.

The contents of any message, together with any attachments, are intended for the use of the person for which they are addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged information. Further, any medical information is confidential and protected by law. It is unlawful for unauthorized persons to use, review, copy, disclose, or disseminate confidential medical information. If you are not the intended recipient, immediately advise the sender and delete the message and any attachments. Any distribution or copying of the message or its attachments is confidential.