Weak Ankles?

At MOVE Physical Therapy, we see a variety of orthopedic conditions in which we determine that the ankles and feet are at least partially responsible for. These conditions include knee, hip and even back pain. But what happens when the ankle has been injured, is weak or painful? As often as we see ankles with […]

All wound up?

What are you stretching? I have written previously about short versus tight muscles, using an example of short or tight hamstrings limiting the ability to bend and touch your toes.  Think about the stretch feeling you get in the back of your thighs when attempting to bend and reach for your toes.  That stretch feeling […]

“If it’s not their ass it’s their elbow.”

A client of mine said this. I can’t take credit for it and please don’t hold me responsible for the foul language. She took an old saying and modified it to convey how her clients describe their current aches and pains. My client, although not in a healthcare profession, provides more competent healthcare advice than […]

Your Therapist and Your Goals

U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Liam Dwyer:  “You know, when people say you can’t do something or you aren’t able to do something, I don’t like being told that.” Several years ago, I had the amazing opportunity to observe therapy services at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. It was there I had the distinguished pleasure […]

Injured and Angry… Can You Relate?

Whether you’re an athlete, an exercise fanatic or a casual gym-goer – your injury is a loss. Perhaps a loss of motion, a loss of time, or a loss of function. With all loss follows grief. Understanding your emotional path to recovery can help you physically get there faster. We’ve all heard of the 5 […]