The Gluteal Muscles: More than Seat Cushions

As a society we do a LOT of sitting. We sit during our morning and afternoon commutes, while at work, during meals, and while watching TV or using our mobile devices. This adds up to 12-16 hours per day. Our poor gluteal muscles take most of the brunt, as we shut them down and rely […]

Tug of War

Discover Your Potential We all have the potential to perform better. We just have to know and learn how to use all that we have. The night before my son had a tug of war competition between his class and the other kindergarten classes, I told him, “During tug of war, your power should come […]

Barefoot Training or Specialized Shoes?

The MOVE facility has a “no-shoes” gym floor, so most think they can guess my ‘stance’ on barefoot training – not so fast… This tends to be a polarizing topic, especially in the running community.  As with most questions I get asked, the answer is not so simple.  Some will argue that it is more […]

Your body’s “Check Engine” light.  Ignore it and you’ll regret it.

It’s universal.  That feeling in the pit of your stomach when that orange light pops up on your dashboard.  It is a sign that something went wrong.  Not knowing whether it’s a major problem or just the gas-cap, we all become very careful and tenuous drivers.  Once this light is on our cars are programmed […]

Short Muscles vs. Tight Muscles

“Should I be stretching more?” As a physical therapist, this is a question that I am asked quite frequently. In the past, you would find a quick response and easy answer from most healthcare professionals or trainers – “Yes!” After all, isn’t routine stretching part of a healthy lifestyle and good for our flexibility? The […]